Tips to Improve Small Business Cash Flow Management

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When it comes to running a startup company or a small business, proprietors face many hurdles when getting started. While the initial costs are cumbersome to most, running the company requires plenty of business cash flow management to ensure that growth is continuous. Finances are often the most challenging aspect of tech startups and other young companies, and getting money matters wrong can be harmful to operations. 

One thing that small business accounting takes into consideration is cash flow improvement to avoid delays of cash going in and out of the company. The trick to making profits is to ensure that invoices for clients are paid in full and on-time, all while investing money into the right areas. Here are ways to better manage business cash flow for all startup companies:

Prepare Cash Flow Strategies Through Projections

It always pays to put things into writing, so having a cash flow projection sheet for the coming year, each quarter, or even weekly. Accurately listing down business cash flow can help you see when trouble is brewing in your company’s operations, which gives you a starting point to fix things.

These projections aren’t future glimpses. In fact, they’re more of educated guesses made through various metrics found in your company’s operations. Seeing invoices and payment histories, successfully tackling upcoming expenditures, and other aspects of being a startup company can help push your business into a better position. 

Another thing to consider when projecting cash flow is listing down all possible upcoming expenditures. This list will include rent, inventory, salaries for workers, and other taxation items that need to be accounted for at all times. Ensuring that all these are noted for the coming months will help you make more educated decisions about your startup company’s future moves. 

Cashflow Video Guide

Learn the simple steps to prepare cash flow projections to improve your business cash flows.

Improve the Way You Conduct Receivables

In business, not all sales made will constitute an instant payment. If this were the case, cash flow would never be an issue. However, you can employ some strategies to improve the way you manage receivables. Everything boils down to moving things at speed, which means creating more products and turning these products into cash. 

Some ways to convince customers to ride in on the trend are to offer discounts to those who pay bills early or quickly, asking for prompt deposits during orders, or doing credit checks. Other strategies can include liquidating old and outdated products as soon as possible and identify slow-paying clients while shifting to a “cash-on-delivery” process to ensure payment. 

Employ Strategies to Survive Rough Times

Lacking cash to do business is a typical instance that many companies face, especially startups. Small business accounting services always recommend going back to everyday business practices to help manage your company’s shortcomings. By being aware of what you need to do, you can create a plan of action to ensure that the way out is clear. 

One way to navigate a difficult financial situation is to seek help from entities like your business’s suppliers. These people have interacted with you and similar startup companies, helping them lend money to keep your enterprise alive. They might also provide more flexible terms than other lending institutions. Overall, keeping your startup company thriving will be challenging during low points, but sticking with a concrete plan can help you get past low periods. 


Cash flow improvement is essential to be able to make a startup company survive. Every single bit of cash that goes in and out is vital when financial security isn’t fully developed, which is why small business accounting services always recommend being meticulous. Startups might have to change some policies, employ various strategies, and be more assertive when demanding payment from clients to survive the oversaturated market that is extremely brutal for most. 

FiBrick is a premium small business accountant firm in New York that assists with all kinds of bookkeeping services, tax planning, and other documentation processes for startups. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to help your business succeed. 


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