Cash Flow Analysis: 6 Mistakes Tech Startups Should Avoid

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If you’re an owner of a tech startup, you should understand cash flow analysis well. Managing a business requires the proper skills and understanding of cash flow management to keep the business running smoothly. In the journey of managing a business, some mistakes can hamper the seamless process of business transactions. As a startup owner, you should be aware of how to avoid them.

Ask every successful business owner, and they will agree that the following mistakes can lead a business to failure:


Avoid hurting your cash flow. A lot of business owners can easily be a victim of overspending. In some cases, you might be required to spend more than you need to. However, you should not be too reckless in spending without paying attention to where you are allocating your money. Some expenses may damage your business instead of creating good investments. Forget the idea that you can spend it in any way you want because you are making money. Make sure to instill discipline and formulate careful planning before spending.

Not Following a Cash Flow Budget

Make sure you set realistic expectations when it comes to your future sales. Create an effective strategy to make sure that your customers will pay. Use a cash flow report to keep track of the money that is coming in and out. A cash flow budget should also be created to help you anticipate when you can receive more money so that you can plan during a crisis. 

Without a cash flow budget, you will have to guess where the money should be coming from and may cause you to increase the risk of getting penalties, an overdue bill, and late payments.

Cashflow Video Guide

Learn the simple steps to prepare cash flow projections to improve your business cash flows.

Not Having a Buffer of Cash on Hand

Despite the efforts to protect your company’s cash, still, cash disruptions may happen. It is a reality that every business owner should learn to face. You might think that having a bunch of savings on hand will not make a massive difference. But, it is much difficult for a business to operate with zero balance. When the time comes that there are low sales in a particular month, a disaster can possibly happen.

Not Recognizing Profit in the Money You Earn

Every business should pay attention to the profits it makes. Unfortunately, some companies went bankrupt even before the end of the year without the capacity to pay employees’ wages and liabilities to suppliers.

Every startup should learn the differences among the profit, loss, income, and expense. Every startup needs to recognize the profit from the money earned by the business.

Expecting and Rushing to Create a Sudden Expense

The tech industry is full of companies who have created success stories as a startup. It is an industry that offers massive opportunities for entrepreneurs to find the next million-dollar idea. 

However, this can also be a reason for committing the mistake of rushing too much. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but when business owners create high expectations without proper action, this is when poor results can happen. 

There are several tech startups with excellent ideals that fail due to poor management or bad timing. They spend a lot without proper planning, resulting in more significant issues after a month or so. 

Failing to Utilize Good Bookkeeping

New startups sometimes fail to understand the importance of good bookkeeping for all business transactions. Some of them think that they cannot afford it. However, proper bookkeeping can help your business to be on the right track financially. There will be better monitoring of your cash flow, expenses, and other transactions. 


A good cash flow analysis is needed for a tech startup to succeed. With proper bookkeeping and cash flow management strategies, your business will ensure clarity and health to its finances. 

To help you manage your cash flow effectively, we highly advise you to work with a reliable team. FiBrick is a people-centric accounting firm that is committed to helping both startups and scale-ups. We provide services to manage your cash flow effectively. Contact us today for more information!


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