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Build a scalable, sustainable, and profitable financial system. Learn the exact framework I’ve used to help over 200 entrepreneurs exceed their financial goals, accelerate their growth, and secure millions of dollars in funding


The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Crain’s NY, and others have recognized me as a leading voice in finance & accounting because I’ve effectively helped hundreds  of entrepreneurs build successful powerhouse companies. Now I’m sharing my industry secrets and 20 years of experience with you in the Smart Profits Accelerator™.

Your framework for scalable profits

I speak to entrepreneurs everyday about the financial grievances they struggle with:

Sounds familiar?

Say Hello to your
most profitable year yet!

 If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you likely struggle with the financial management of your business. 80% of business unfortunately fail because of that exact reason.

If you’re ready to finally take control of your finances and take your business to the next level, you’re in the right place! The Smart Profits Accelerator™ is the first-ever accelerator program that focuses exclusively on ACCELERATING THE FINANCIAL SUCCESS of your business.

If you are a small business owner, creative entrepreneur, tech startup founder, coach, consultant, or e-commerce entrepreneur, you cannot afford to miss this! The Smart Profits Accelerator™ will show you how to build a robust financial system to succeed for years to come. Here’s what you’ll learn in the 6-week Smart Profits Accelerator™:

The Smart Profits Accelerator™ is your complete blueprint for financial transformation. Let’s kick your year into high gear! Here’s the value you’ll get:

We also offer payment a payment plan of 3 easy monthly payments of $600 each.

Ramona Cedeno, CPA
CEO of FiBrick


Ramona Cedeno, CPA
CEO of FiBrick

My name is Ramona and over the past 20+ years I’ve become an expert in helping entrepreneurs exceed their financial goals. I’m the CEO of FiBrick, a small but mighty accounting firm. I’m a fractional CFO, CPA, tax advisor, and strategic financial partner to many business owners just like you. My “WHY” is simply to empower others to finally let go of their fear of money and thrive financially so they can create greater impact for themselves, the people they love, and their community.

Financial empowerment is the best gift you can give to yourself. Get started with the masterclass now.

Spending a few hundreds to save thousands of dollars and make thousands or millions more; now that’s what I call a good ROI! The Smart Profits Accelerator™ is the boost you’ve been waiting for to completely transform your business and your own financial wellness. Let’s kick your year into high gear!

We also offer payment a payment plan of 3 easy monthly payments of $600 each.

FiBrick has worked with some leading startup companies:

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Say hello to your best year yet! Get the complete blueprint to reach your highest potential for growth and profitability. Detailed Video Lessons | Financial Templates | Live Weekly Coaching | Networking

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