09/01 How to Recession-Proof Your Business – Live Q&A with a CPA

Are you feeling uneasy when you see all the news about the current state of the economy?

Historically, many small businesses carried a heavy burden during economic downturns. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As a small business owner, you are far from powerless…you are not at the mercy of the economy.

If you equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tools and prepare your business, you will not only survive but thrive through whatever economic roller coaster is happening around you.

This is the purpose of this Q&A session.

I am Ramona Cedeno, a seasoned CPA with over 20+ years of experience, small business owner, and author – and I want to empower you with the information and tools you need to continue growing.

During the Q&A, I will share some powerful tips to create a sustainable financial strategy and plan for your business. Most importantly, I will answer your business finance, accounting, and tax questions live!

These Q&A sessions usually fill up quickly, so RSVP now and submit your questions early. It’s first to come- first serve.

After you RSVP, submit your questions by emailing them at contact@fibrick.com.

See you live on Thursday, September 1st at 11 am EST! You don’t want to miss it…your business will thank you!

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