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Ramona Cedeno, CPA
CEO of FiBrick


Ramona Cedeno, CPA
CEO of FiBrick

My name is Ramona and over the past 15+ years I’ve become an expert in helping entrepreneurs exceed their financial goals. I’m the CEO of FiBrick, a small but mighty accounting firm. I’m a fractional CFO, CPA, tax advisor, and strategic financial partner to many business owners just like you. My “WHY” is simply to empower others to finally let go of their fear of money and thrive financially so they can create greater impact for themselves, the people they love, and their community.

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The Smart Profits Masterclass is the strategy boost you’ll need to improve your financial management and success this year. Learn the 5 steps you need to take to improve your profitability, cashflow, and financial management. The masterclass is for you if you are a:

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