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Our client, Epiphany Blue, was struggling with a lack of clarity around company’s financial and tax situation. The CEO was looking for a solution that would provide her optimal tax planning, cash flow management, and personalized support.

the results

  • Tax and cash flow planning that supports the seasonality of the business and the growth the company was experiencing.
  • Our team was available via email, phone, and text to address any concerns, so that the CEO had the assurance she was looking for, knowing that she could count on us as her advisory partners.
  • As the company was experiencing rapid growth or hiring needs, the CEO had the support from our team and the financial insights to help her make important decisions quickly and effectively. 

Accounting Advisory

Our client, Pegwoodworking, struggled with a lack of clarity around the company’s financial and tax situation. The team was looking for a solution that would provide them with clarify around the business financial performance but also help them gain a better understanding of how all the bookkeeping, cash flow management and tax compliance interconnected.

the results

  • FiBrick provided bookkeeping services tailored to the type of business. Managing the gross profit is key to the success of the company. As such, it required a financial reporting structure that accurately supports the calculator of this metric.
  • Our team provided the necessary walkthroughs of the bookkeeping, cash flow management, and tax process necessary to help make the Peg team feel in control of their business finances.
  • Our tailored financial reports improved visibility into how the company is doing at the gross margin and net margin levels, and they empowered the owner to focus on growing the business.

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Video Guide: Cash Flow Management

Learn the simple steps to prepare cash flow projections for your business and easy-to-apply tips to help you improve your business cash flows. Watch this video now to get started with:

  • Downloading our user-friendly, downloadable cash flow projection template
  • Getting step-by-step instructions for updating the cash flow projection template
  • Learning tips for how to project revenues and expenses
Business owners are experiencing challenging times during this Coronavirus pandemic. There is uncertainty and fear, which can paralyze us and prevent us from making business decisions.

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