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Financial Solutions

FiBrick is a people-centric accounting firm that serves tech-enabled startups at all stages of the business lifecycle. Our solutions are tailored to optimize your fullest growth potential with robust accounting systems and processes.

Whether you are preparing for growth, new hires, tax compliance, funding rounds, or an exit, FiBrick offers the expertise, strategies, and services to ensure your success. We serve as strategic innovation partners who are committed to bringing clarity and health to your business finances.

FiBrick | Integrated Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

Optimize Your
Financial Systems

FiBrick’s highly experienced CEO serves as a trusted advisor and an extension of your C-suite to guide you through important decisions and pivotal stages in your business. We offer the data and insights that empower you to make better financial decisions for your business. Our highly experienced team allows you to have an optimal financial reporting system without the high cost of hiring an in-house finance team.

We bring the best practices and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a strong foundation for your business success. Our partners include QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Bill.com, Abacus Labs, Gusto, Just Works, Expensify. Our clients get significant discounts from our partners.

Financial Empowerment for Every Stage of growth

  • Support with decision making around optimal entity structure
  • Financial projections and cash flow need analysis
  • Determine tax compliance requirements
  • Set up structure for accounting and financial reporting
  • Support with next round of funding (pitch deck, financial projections)
  • Optimized financial reporting for investors’ needs
  • ARR & MRR reports
  • GAAP revenue recognition
  • In-depth cash flow analysis and projections
  • Maximized tax savings
  • Investor-ready financial package and supporting data
  • Support with due diligence
  • Integration of financial processes with acquiror
  • Compliance with final tax reporting requirements


World-Class service

With FiBrick, you never have to worry about whether you’re getting the best in class service. We have a passion for the accounting profession that is matched only by our passion for people. Our main goal is to see our clients be empowered and in control of their business finances. We offer all of the personalized support you need to get there.


trusted advisors

We not only just do the work for you, but we also empower you with the knowledge you need to make better financial decisions. We love demystifying and simplifying accounting for entrepreneurs. We love to see our clients have that “ah-ha!” moment when they finally understand their numbers.


Seamless Automation

FiBrick offers much more than your conventional accounting firm; we fully understand and use the power of technology to simplify your business. We help you streamline your accounting systems and processes with automation, so that you can focus on the things that you’re actually excited to do – growing your company!

Accounting Advisory
for Growth-driven founders

As you innovate and make waves in your industry, we take pride in innovating alongside you as a tech-forward, data-driven firm. The team at Fibrick is constantly learning so that we can offer our clients the very best and most up-to-date tools and strategies.

FiBrick has served many different types of businesses at various stages, including tech, service-based, B2B, among others. We’ve helped tech and tech-enabled startups launch new products, make important business decisions, and effectively navigate funding rounds.


The CEO of Inverse needed to improve the company’s financial reporting in order to secure a successful exit. Our due diligence-ready reports and schedules made it possible for the due diligence process to be completed in half the time anticipated. FiBrick also implemented a billing and collections process that resulted in a 25% reduction of accounts receivable turnover.


The 7 KPIs tech startups
cannot afford to ignore

KPIs are powerful tools to help you manage and grow your startup. Our checklist will show you the 7 KPIs all startup founders should use to assess their company’s performance and take actionable measures to address areas where the company is underperforming.

With this KPI checklist, you will learn:

  • How to determine if your product is profitable & how to improve profitability
  • What’s your recurring monthly revenue & tips for increasing this metric
  • How long will your company survive with the current cash reserve & tips to improve cash flows

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